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Eye-catcher sculpture 

Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova, in the glamorous 60’s era, Nessino is an icon of Italian design from the ’60s, a decade that heralded the conquest of modernity in which design redefined the domestic landscape though the first uses of plastics. Innovative and democratic, its expressive form inspired by nature interprets and challenges industrial manufacturing technology.

Its iconic curves wind into a true collectible, an expressive statement piece of internationally acclaimed calibre and fame. An iconic piece having staged its presence in various landmarks, Nessino is considered a valuable piece of art. 


Designers: Giancarlo Mattioli, Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova

Dimension: 320 x 223 mm ( L x W )

Lamp(s) included: No

Material: ABS

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