Curiosity is the new portable lamp that through its shape reveals its vocation for exposition but at the same time for relations. It showcases the spaces where people are or the objects that it can hold inside of it.

Neutral and essential in its graceful structure, it becomes functional enhancing the content. It is available in two sizes, to better adapt to host di erent objects.
It is a frame for displaying objects. Its base becomes the element that supports what you want to show illuminated by the small spotlight at its top.
It is a controlled light, which with the addition of a white glass sphere with amber light recreates a warm and cosy atmosphere around which to cultivate relationships and feel good.

Curiosity brings its space of light everywhere, and thanks to its long autonomy (up to 26 hours away from the net) it allows you to reinvent everyday light contexts.
It designs individual freedom by adapting to the domestic space, but above all it opens up new scenarios in public places.

Being able to build  exible and mobile displays, it is also a perfect tool for retail spaces, for exhibitions, or for restaurants, where it creates an intimate and elegant atmosphere able to follow the changing organization of the spaces.


Designer: Davide Oppizzi
Material: Aluminum
Dimension: 180 x 150 x 360 mm ( L x W x H )

Product sheet Curiosity 36: View

Product sheet Curiosity 36 Focus: View